Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Way of the Warrior: Subduing the world

"There is no witchcraft, no evil, no devil. There is only perception." -Don Juan

It always strikes me when I see people selling knowledge that is essentially available free to students. The case in point is The Robbins Model of Organizational Behavior, a popular guide book for managers that deals with concepts such as Integrating Contemporary Theories of Motivation and other stuff. Stephen P. Robbins says that "fear is a powerful motivator", short term. and talks about some boss bullying cases, but not enough. Who's selling that, is not important at the moment. Professor Robbins is not the subject of this post, New Age luminary Carlos Castaneda is.

"Carlos Castaneda has become one of the Godfathers of the New Age movement." (Los Angeles Times Book Review, 1987). This is my Part 3 on the subject, Part One being If you Can't fight and you can't Harvest, You're Useless. and Part Two : Old Age delusion.

Castaneda epic journey is applicable in more ways than one. People say: Max, how can you be in two places at once ? That doesn't make sense." Yes, it doesn't make sense...unless you have moved your assemblage point [consciousness] in the "place of no pity."

In The Power of Silence, CC tells us: "A moment of elation would suffice to move our assemblage points and break our conventions. So, too, a moment of fright, ill health, anger, or grief. But, ordinarily, whenever we had our chance to move our assemblage points we became frightened." -p. 210 

But Max, I don't know how to handle fear. Can't I just become fearless ?

You fucking idiot [excuse my French] , you don't get from fearful to fearless just like that. It's not as simple as changing your clothes.

Castaneda tells us, and this 30 and 40 years ago when he wrote: "Naguals make decisions. With no regard for the consequences they take action OR choose not to. Impostors ponder and become paralyzed." Impostors is maybe a harsh word, what he means is dumb-ass, pussy-wipped, Iphone-holding clowns.  People that are reading me scared of looking unkempt on Instagram. Maybe your hair style is wrong for your square face and your pic isn't that good. I can understand why girls do that, they live and die by their looks. And when their looks fade with age, they go on berating other women, saying that "looks are not important".  But men ?

Further from Castaneda: "Once doubts are banished, anything is possible." But how ?

By moving the "assemblage point" to the place of no pity. "The place of no pity is the site of ruthlessness".  Don Juan: "Our assemblage points are constantly shifting...imperceptible shifts. Sorcerers believe that in order to make their assemblage points shift to precise points we must engage intent [=will]." 

Max Cantor suggested exercise:

For everything that happens to you today (good or bad), say: Fantastic. I am good with it.

But, but, Max, that's unreal.
Max: No, it's not. It is eliminating perception.

Don Juan (p. 31): "Warriors are incapable of feeling compassion because they no longer feel sorry for themselves. Without the driving force of self-pity, compassion is meaningless."

There is a force that lights up the field (emanations of the Eagle). It's called will.

But, having no pity, doesn't that make you cruel ?

No, it doesn't it. When you felt sorry for, say that old and feeble man that crossed paths with you hours ago [for illustration purposes], in the background, what you saw you saw yourself, in old age, and if you cried, you cried for yourself.

When Castaneda shifted, he says "his own behavior changed markedly. He became cold and calculating and indifferent to his own personal safety." So this is not a question of becoming cruel with your fellow men as it is becoming less aware of your own safety.

"Self-pity is the real enemy and the source of man's misery. Without a degree of pity for himself, man could not afford to be as self-important as he is. - Don Juan, The Power of Silence.
"Sorcerers are right, therefore, in saying that self-importance is merely self-pity in disguise."

"For a rational man it's unthinkable that there should be an invisible point where perception is assembled." Don Juan: "And yet more unthinkable, that such a point is not in the brain, as he might vaguely expect if he were given to entertaining the thought of its existence."

Science already knows that consciousness is not the same thing as the brain. Perhaps better stated, science doesn't know where consciousness comes from.

Don Juan: "a high fever could move the assemblage point. Hunger or fear or love or hate could do it; mysticism, and also unbending will, which is the preferred method of sorcerers."

What sorcerers are looking for is impeccability, not becoming some cruel monsters, but impeccable warriors whose choices are dictated by silent knowledge. That silent knowledge is nor ordinarily available to man because we see everything through the thinking mind, our default "assemblage point."

Man in his rational thinking is absolved in himself. By curtailing self-reflection, "both the average man and the apprentice in sorcery becomes a sorcerer, because by maximizing that movement, continuity is shattered beyond repair." -Don Juan

An interesting thing about time: in this writing, Castaneda suggests it is better to measure it by hours than by days. (How many hours do we many). why complain we don't have enough time, then...

Is question I have for you today, my friend,  is:

Can you NOT feel sorry for yourself ? 
For the shit that life gave you ? For the pain ?
Well, FUCK YOU !  And Fuck God !

The two most powerful words in the world are Fuck You ! Be sure you know how to use them.


  1. Max, you are Artificial Intelligence, aren't you ?

  2. The place where there's no good or evil: the original Garden of Eden. Sorcerers re-create the world.

    1. Carlos, is that you from beyond the grave ? Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Max, great to dove into your content. What's that thing about being into two places at once ? Thanks.

  4. Max, we needed you preaching at Burning Man this year. We want you here next year.

    1. I'll just throw you into the fire, bud.

  5. Max, I didn't know you were into the esoteric.

    1. May I remind you, I'm only half human, I'm half dog. Does that remind you of anyone ?

    2. This guy. Anubis, not a friendly guy, IMO.

    3. Ok, but not a chance in the world that I'm the Goa'uld Anubis from Stargate SG-1.

  6. What is the assembling point ? Center of the body, navel ?

    1. Steve, the assemblage point is the spot where consciousness takes form. It's on the rational mind for people. Not located in the belly. Ordinary people don't have enough energy to move their assemblage points.

      The Warrior's Way = Impeccable action

      "What we need to do to allow magic to get hold of us is to banish doubt from our minds. Once doubts are banished, everything is possible." -Don Juan

  7. "Live the life of a warrior- adopt a warrior's lifestyle." -Howard Dare

  8. "Little by little you must create a fog around yourself; you must erase everything around you until nothing can be taken for granted, until nothing is any longer for sure, or real. Your problem now is that you’re too real. Your endeavors are too real; your moods are too real. Don’t take things so for granted. You must begin to erase yourself." -Essential-Knowledge

  9. :youtube:GzDnW_EDb8:eimg:

    1. Aha. "In time you will call me Master."


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