Friday, September 29, 2017

The 10 Commandments of Poon


If you believe that men and women are equal, which I do, are you a feminist ? What if you are a realist ? What if you are both ? Are you an empowered feminist ? Enlightened feminist ?

Life isn't fair.

Smart people will take advantage of dumb people (hello, Ray Dalio) I'd argue here the people most prone to emotions are the dumbest.

Sometimes you have a 24-year old woman from Harvard, for example, who takes the job of 40-year old veteran. A guy who's been sweating his way up from the janitor room to the boardroom for decades, loses his job, just like that. The Harvard BumperDoc is here.  Sometimes you have a woman who runs an internet company, company goes the way of the dinosaurs and she pockets 240 MM (over five hears).

Back to the subject of dating. We live in a different world today that we did 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Women are the largest, most powerful consumer force. They are also the wealthiest ones. That's how we coined the term she-conomy. Better learn that term. Check out the latest Wealth X report and you see who has accumulated wealth the fastest.

In our times, women have the moola, they drive the best cars (who do you think buys those big SUVs ? ) Men are like waffles somebody said, mushy gushy. Pour some syrup on that mess and it's a treat.

On the subject of sex

Did you know that music lights up the same center in women's brains that sex does ? Same stimulation, same reward. I am a man and I like good music, but...the two things are not the same to me. So good sex to women is like listening to a decent song. For men, sex has been shown to be more primordial than food ! Do you see the difference here ?  Women's testosterone levels are 12-18 times lower than men's and so is their libido.  So don't listen to those idiots that say women are as sexual as men are. They can't be.

The 10 Commandments of Poon for the enlightened feminist

1. Women only love themselves and their essence is solipsism. Women don't love men, they just love HOW men make them feel. If you don't have a plan for conditioning your own life and emotions, she will. Once a man becomes a pawn in a woman's emotional roller coaster, disaster ensues.

2. Women need no protection. From anything or anyone. Men need to stop being "protectors". We are not in the middle ages anymore.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wave function collapse

Is there a wave function collapse caused by consciousness ?

"The von Neumann–Wigner interpretation, also described as 'consciousness causes collapse [of the wave function]', is an interpretation of quantum mechanics in which consciousness is postulated to be necessary for the completion of the process of quantum measurement." -Wiki on the Von Neumann-Wigner interpretation.
Many of you that are in finance have heard of the Schrodinger cat experiment, where a cat is both dead and alive. The cat remains both dead and alive until the state is observed. "Schrödinger described how one could, in principle, create a superposition in a large-scale system by making it dependent on a quantum particle that was in a superposition." (Wiki)

Schroedingers cat film.svg
Image: Christian Schirm - Own work, CC0, Link
"The quantum-mechanical "Schrödinger's cat" paradox according to the many-worlds interpretation. In this interpretation, every event is a branch point. The cat is both alive and dead—regardless of whether the box is opened—but the "alive" and "dead" cats are in different branches of the universe that are equally real but cannot interact with each other."

In the video below, James J Traitz argues the substance of the universe it consciousness, not matter and that in the 4th Way method (aka the level beyond thought) we create a "pixel" like reality through the wave function collapse.

He trails on Carlos Castaneda and Gurdjieff teachings that "the universe" is consciousness, not matter.

For me it turns out reality is more art than science.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Past present and future

If you ever second guess your actions, I'll tell you the first reaction is usually the correct one. Don't second guess.

Ever wondered why any time the future is known, that future dissolves ?

Back in the nineties they used to make movies with masculine action heroes. Such a character was Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise. In the last two-episode conclusion of the ST:NG (please click it if you are not familiar with the series or you need a refresher) "All Good Things Must Come to an End", Picard moves between three time zones and encounters an anomaly in the space-time continuum described as an eruption of anti-time. His challenge is to solve the puzzle..or everything is lost. He stands trial before Q of the omnipotent continuum.
"As Picard arrives at the anomaly in all three time periods, he discovers that the anomaly is much larger in the past, but does not exist at all in the future."
"I don't understand why it's bigger in the past." -JLP.
It appears that his actions based on multiple knowings were causing the anomaly. Rather than acting from the present, his future self caused it. I say there can be no multiple "knowings."

Let's leave Star Trek out of it for a moment, and ask: Is it possible that your future self is causing the anomaly [present] through your future actions ? Since you're not shifting though time, are your thoughts of the future causing it ? I brought the Star Trek episode because I am always interested in paradoxes.

To grasp the present moment as the only one that is means "enlightenment". Clarity. To think on the future, and not understand the future IS NOW, is to be stupid like 97% of people out there.

What about the past, Max ? That's real. I lived it. No, I say. The past is some neuronal nods, episodic mem nods. Semantic memory is not the same as episodic memory. (Wiki)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to control your anxiety: the basics

"What you need is not courage but nerve control, cool headedness. This you can only get by practice." -T. Roosevelt

I have extensive experience in public speaking and board presentations. People have asked me about cool tips on how to control your anxiety when delivering a speech or when facing an important appointment such as a court date. The fear of public speaking is, after all, ranked third in the top 10 things people fear most (fear of death is No. 1, fear of flying No. 2, fear of snakes, spyders -insects- comes in number 4, etc.)  The unconscious response to threats is controlled by the ANS, or Autonomous Nervous System.

Folks: be careful: When you associate yourself with a pussy-whipped beta man (the greatest majority of men), it just might be contagious! Don't say I did not warn you ! "In 2009, Lilianne Mujica-Parodi, a Harvard researcher, collected sweat from the armpits of first time skydivers. Can we catch 'fear' the same way we catch a cold ? Mujica-Parodi and her team certainly seems to think do."- Kevin Dutton, The Wisdom of Psychopaths. See also Wikipedia Pheromones and why fear can be contagious.  
The video below gives you some basics. You need to  know about the 3-by-3 breathing method (breath in 3 seconds in and out,  X3)  to prevent a squeaky voice, also know you can stop body shaking if you clench your buttocks or your thighs .

Some people suggest entering into a visualized "aura of calm or perfect state". If they have previously imagined a state of heightened clarity or calm, they claim to be able to experience it at will.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Can you walk on fire ?

There is a such a mind-numbing number of psychology books out there: How you can master the craft of happiness, how to grow your trees of success, how to be your own hero, only one problem: they don't work.

Fluff - feel good psychology is a staple feature of the hack-loving society we live in. Most people want the quick fix because that's how they lived their whole lives.  The comfortable, easy way is the default setting for the human mind.

Psychology Today: "folks freely gorge on oversize portions of mental anguish, what Stanford neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky calls "adventitious suffering—the pain of what was, what will be, what could be or what someone else is experiencing." Sapolsky has shown that over time such extra helpings of mental suffering can damage the parts of the brain involved in learning and memory, as well as the immune system.

Decades before Sapolsky's studies, pioneering cognitive psychologist Albert Ellis put forth the then-radical idea that painful emotions spring more from people's beliefs than from reality itself: Thoughts alone could lead to anguish. Today cognitive behavioral therapists, including an aging Ellis, counsel patients to relieve emotional distress by changing the content of their thoughts—challenging their beliefs and testing new possibilities." -PT, Katherine Ellison

People always get in a rut, no matter how wealthy or accomplished they are. What do some rich folk like Paul Tudor Jones do ? They pay, say, Tony Robbins, $1 M a year (since the early '90s) to shore up their spirits. What does a guy like Robbins have to to ? Get people to the basics. When people are off-balance, it almost always is because they're "stuck in their head" with a story line about the past or the future (what if ? scenarios).

Fun Videos: AllPsychOnline

Perception Test Video

A lot of people have walked on hot coals to get it right.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ray Dalio's Principles

Bridgewater's Ray Dalio has the Principles book coming out this month, and finance folks are eating it out like candy.

You can watch the TED Talk Ray did in April to familiarize yourself with him.

Some people had an outraged reaction to his principles, including those who stamped his name over L. Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics" book, suggesting Ray and his algorithms of collective decision making is a cult. Look, I get, Ray's built up quite a little fiefdom here, and wants to show you the way to investment heaven.

Prior to this year, The Principles (minus Ray's autobiography) were available for free, and many of you may have already read those out of curiosity even if you didn't work at BA. (NY Times article on Bridgewater Associates)

Let's get down to business cause time is short and the water is rising:

1. I don't agree with Ray Dalio. However, I do think many of these principles are sound and useful. Notice the difference here.

2. Ray in his introductory talk mentions the Principles workhorse is not for everybody. In fact he clearly states that they are not for 30 or 35% of people. If we talk about the creative or unstructured folks that work in finance, those numbers are even less likely to favor the Principles workplace. So at least 50% of the finance types are likely to reject it. After all, I write for the 3% alpha-male minority. 97% of the general population out there does not agree with what I write, and accordingly, for their own benefit, they should NOT read me. [How many times do I have to say this !?]

3. I am a firm believer in taking what you need and leaving out the rest. You can accept and apply a principle or law from Dalio, but make it your law not Dalio's. For lack of time, unfortunately, I am unable to discuss all these principles (there are 210 of them).

4. A lot of Ray's Principles are common sense truisms that most people already use. It is "GOOD" to face harsh realities, and "BAD" to avoid it." Hey man, thanks a lot.

5. "'GOOD' worry about achieving the goal, 'BAD' -worry about appearing good".

I think Dalio is trying to kill office politics. Unfortunately, politics is life. You can't kill life. His idea meritocracy doesn't account for human nature. Ray wants you to be a computer, and he does put the "GOOD" of the whole organization above your own if your own is not the organization's already.

His critics say: that's why you have a "Circle of Trust" ,buddy [for making decisions], and that's why you have high turnover.

6. Are human beings "machines" like Ray seems to think ? Machines that split decisions between rational and emotional ?

7. "Avoid setting goals based on what you think you can achieve."

8. "Most problems are improvements screaming at you." There you go.

9. "How good is your ability to visualize ?" -Ok, good question to ask

10. Principle number 15: Don't depersonalize mistakes. Hello, Honest Abe, I thought it was all about improving processes here.  Onward and forward into the process of making you more average than you already are

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Way of the Warrior: Subduing the world

"There is no witchcraft, no evil, no devil. There is only perception." -Don Juan

It always strikes me when I see people selling knowledge that is essentially available free to students. The case in point is The Robbins Model of Organizational Behavior, a popular guide book for managers that deals with concepts such as Integrating Contemporary Theories of Motivation and other stuff. Stephen P. Robbins says that "fear is a powerful motivator", short term. and talks about some boss bullying cases, but not enough. Who's selling that, is not important at the moment. Professor Robbins is not the subject of this post, New Age luminary Carlos Castaneda is.

"Carlos Castaneda has become one of the Godfathers of the New Age movement." (Los Angeles Times Book Review, 1987). This is my Part 3 on the subject, Part One being If you Can't fight and you can't Harvest, You're Useless. and Part Two : Old Age delusion.

Castaneda epic journey is applicable in more ways than one. People say: Max, how can you be in two places at once ? That doesn't make sense." Yes, it doesn't make sense...unless you have moved your assemblage point [consciousness] in the "place of no pity."

In The Power of Silence, CC tells us: "A moment of elation would suffice to move our assemblage points and break our conventions. So, too, a moment of fright, ill health, anger, or grief. But, ordinarily, whenever we had our chance to move our assemblage points we became frightened." -p. 210 

But Max, I don't know how to handle fear. Can't I just become fearless ?

You fucking idiot [excuse my French] , you don't get from fearful to fearless just like that. It's not as simple as changing your clothes.

Castaneda tells us, and this 30 and 40 years ago when he wrote: "Naguals make decisions. With no regard for the consequences they take action OR choose not to. Impostors ponder and become paralyzed." Impostors is maybe a harsh word, what he means is dumb-ass, pussy-wipped, Iphone-holding clowns.  People that are reading me scared of looking unkempt on Instagram. Maybe your hair style is wrong for your square face and your pic isn't that good. I can understand why girls do that, they live and die by their looks. And when their looks fade with age, they go on berating other women, saying that "looks are not important".  But men ?

Further from Castaneda: "Once doubts are banished, anything is possible." But how ?

By moving the "assemblage point" to the place of no pity. "The place of no pity is the site of ruthlessness".  Don Juan: "Our assemblage points are constantly shifting...imperceptible shifts. Sorcerers believe that in order to make their assemblage points shift to precise points we must engage intent [=will]." 

Max Cantor suggested exercise:

For everything that happens to you today (good or bad), say: Fantastic. I am good with it.

Friday, September 1, 2017

What it means to be an alpha male (redacted)

There's such a distorted perception on the subject of "alpha" from the people I talked to, from the users of this site, that the confusion thermometer is way past "high". If you had a fever this high, the thermometer would explode. This is your daily dose of redpill reality (check this out, too)

So what does it mean to be "alpha"? Let's start with what it is NOT in the first two pointers below.

1. People that want to "Save the World". Saving the world is one of the dumbest thing I've ever heard. People that say or believe that are idiots. The world needs no saving. The world was here before you. The world will be here in some shape or form after you're gone. The World doesn't care about you. Stop saying that PC non-sense.

2. People that want to "change the world." The world will not change, no matter how much you puke out your guts. Your boss will not change. Stop wasting your energy. Stop trying to be Batman or Superman. Want a better way ?

3. Change yourself-that's the better way.  A lot of my readers are into daily mantras. Instead of reciting the Scorpion King in Sanskrit or Egyptian, here's better one:

"Never in a Hurry,

Never Worried,

Never Desperate,

Never Stopping Short"

This comes from Ryan Holiday, The Ego is the Enemy. The four line, 10 word mantra works wonders. In fact, stoicism provides many more maxims that go well. I've seen a repository of over 600 of them, but I'll need to curate them and select post them. If anyone's got some time and wants to work with me on that over the weekend, let me know.

4. Stop playing Captain Save-a-Hoe. Beta males always come to the rescue of women. Alpha males don't. A woman, like a cat, lands on her feet even when thrown out of the 7th floor balcony. [Ok, that's a figure of speech, but you get the draft]. White knights are weak, pathetic.
"Captain Save A Hoe often waste time on these hoes in an attempt at love, even though the whole block done run through her. Captain Save A Hoe often end up in the friendzone, if they do a good enough job."-Hipwiki
5. Couple of years ago, somebody posted a picture of a pack of wolves asserting the "peck order" of the pack. A photo showed 25 wolves walking in a single file line through a snow-covered wilderness with this explanation: