Sunday, August 13, 2017

Who's pulling your strings ?

A friend of mine is going through a long-drawn divorce. I feel sorry for him because he has more sleepless nights and aching pains that you could imagine. I saw him yesterday, he has big bags under his eyes, slumped shoulders and has a barky, raspy cough. Looking unkept and insecure, he needed my help in moving stuff into a storage facility, because in a few days he needs to move and give up his house. It is not his house anymore.

Thinking of him I can't help but see what years of indoctrination and submissiveness have done.

Who's framing you right now ? Let's see if we can get to the bottom of it.

I define as framing [you] anyone that creates a strong dependency. The frame they impose may be self-evident or may be less visible, subconscious. Who can you name, now, that is framing you ? Is it your boss, is it your wife or husband, is it your preferred elected official ? Who do you defer to -like an automaton, without even knowing ?  Some people call this framing "persuasion" - a silly term if you consider you haven't even given consent. Perhaps a better term for it is manipulation, because the results are the same: you become utterly dependent on them, their life choices become your life ingredients, their cause becomes your own.

Let's talk politics for a moment. If you are a strong supporter or detractor of, say, President Trump, then Trump -is pulling your strings. It does not matter whether you like or dislike him, as long as you fall "hook, line, and sinker" you're there buddy, you're sucking on that popsicle.

The list expands from elected officials to anyone who is an "influencer" in your life. Anyone with a "myth" of glory, virtue, whatever. Any outsized influencer.

I could have easily titled this "Who's framing you ?" 

Whom do we make into "influencers" in our lives ? Let's see, who in world love to be called influencers... Aside from politicians, these are bosses, CEOs , other "thought leaders" who so wonderfully share their visions.  These people have a vested interest to keep you in their sphere of influence, so you can garble on their awesomeness[sic]. In case you haven't noticed, yes, I am being sarcastic.  Influencers can also be your own family, your wife, husband, anyone who has an outsize control on you.

Myths are repulsive. Especially myths weaved around CEOs.

Studies have shown CEOs are the category with the largest psychopaths in number. Not only that, but psychopaths are good for business.

"We promote them,
We elect them,
Without even knowing". -CNBC

So wise advice is to slow down sucking on that empty sugar popsicle you call your boss. Stop sucking on popsicle Trump, or Sheryl Sandberg, or any CEO "action figure hero/heroine". They're sapping your precious strength ! Ass ponys !


See the world for what is. The world is a stage where "beautiful people" garble on their garbage. The "beautiful people" -the "influencers"-stage coach their next generation of minions. Don't be a minion.

Good news, partner ! I am developing a "Guide to Killing You Boss" [without inflicting bodily harm] In the next  6-12 months. I will give you the tools to successfully confront your boss, replace him, and lay him in the dust.  Stay tuned !


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    Very analytical. Don't put anyone on a pedestal.

    1. Beat you.

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