Monday, August 14, 2017

Body Language Video, more gold[en] Max maxims

User Dina uploaded a video on one of my posts and she sent me an email suggesting I upload this full-length video on Body Language.  I agree to the value of the material and I suggest you watch it when you have 1:30 hrs. to do so.

Edited: 03/2018

I've had two completely different videos, in the public domain, posted here. Those accounts have been terminated by the Censorship Team that follows me around.

Instead you can now watch this research short video.

Meanwhile, at your requests, here are more maxims:

"If you're going to hire a charlatan, don't make it an expensive charlatan." -Max Cantor maxim #40

"Self-deprecating jerks are just jerks that lower their standards." -Max Cantor maxim #41

"Nobody shoots at Santa Claus, even if he doesn't exist". -Max Cantor maxim #42
(variation of the Samuel Butler quote)

"When people say 'I wasn't born yesterday', they mean what they say". -Max Cantor maxim #43

"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life:You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots-but you have to play the ball where it lies"- Max's favorite Bobby Jones quote

"If you challenge your boss to a duel, make sure your sword is bigger than his." -Max maxim #44

"Since you can't fire your boss, you must befriend someone who can. Constantly elevate yourself in that person's close environment." -Max maxim #45

"Meritocracy is a ghost. People keep mentioning it, yet it is always out of sight. Yes, we saw it, it was here. When was that, you ask ? Well, the last time we saw it was years ago, perhaps decades. Slippery and sneaky fellow, meritocracy hides like a ghost." -redpill maxim #46

"If you make friends with your boss's wife, you would have a powerful ally. Or an enemy." -Max Cantor maxim #47

"When you are crossing over a river you might be eaten by crocodiles, but don't let yourself get bitten by the little fish." -says a Malawian proverb.
"Don't even flinch at smaller fish"-Max Cantor maxim #48

"Just as the shark has smaller fish swimming around them called pilot fish, bosses have their own orbiters who clean and cleanse them. Their utility is limited. Don't be one of them" -Max Cantor #49

"Bosses keep a hit list we don't know about. It's the little blackbook of who's next to be fired according to their preferences." -Max Cantor maxim #50

More Maxims 1) 10 Boss Maxims
                        2) Three Ways to Lose your Fear


  1. Max, you are establishing a veritable careers counter culture. Sweet !

  2. Not winning here...


    Image credit: NDTV

  3. Max, I like more Carl Jung, also recommend a follower of his, Jordon P. Hope this is Ok with you.



  4. Thanks for the audio/video links!


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