Sunday, March 19, 2017

Not everyone is cut to be a CEO

If "Not everyone is cut to be a CEO" isn't a truism then I don't know what is.

Last week at the Monty Technology Summit I got inspired by the "Around The World in 45 Minutes" fireside chat with General David Petraeus which was hosted by Michael Milken. The idea came across my mind: what if there was an "accelerated" way to becoming a CEO ?

I have seen good arguments in favor of [emotional] fitness, determination, even levelheadedness described being like muscles, therefore, trainable. Those three traits I'm certain they're part of a good CEO makeup.

CEOs, they're both:

  • abrasive yet super likable,
  • uncanning yet predictable,
  • direct yet rhetoric,
  • semantic yet unstructured,
  • unifying yet disruptive,
  • a "lover" yet a fighter,
  • visionary yet pragmatic,
  • answering yet asking [questions],
  • sophisticated yet simple,
  • imposing yet friendly,

Cool site for new learning: QuantifiedSelf

Video debate of the month:

The Future of God with Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Jean Houston and Deepak Chopra (2010)

Full debate video

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