Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking Ahead at 2017 -Mastermind, Power, Guts and Glory

In 2016 I turned a little known blog about private aviation into a serious power blog. This blog. From a few pages with pictures of planes to a power tool. I started analyzing current events, "pain points" in banker's lingo. I held nothing back. Now I get the looks from the various centers of power, who are classifying me as a "wild card". If you play poker, you know that you need a wild card that can stand for any card that the player wants. It is a very important card that can win you the game.

In 2017 I will take it further. I will write on a subject closest to my heart: the mastermind. Composed of two words: mastering + mind the fused word means so much more than just the two parts alone. I believe that if I don't work on improving myself and my situation, I'm sinking, drowning. I want my word to be the bond the universe obeys. Sure, there are lots of materials out there on it but the knowledge is superfluous and borrowed. I want it fresh, first hand, actionable. There have been many influences on my personal development: stoicism, existentialism, Eastern philosophy, self help and self improvement people that right now are doing amazing work. There's a lot to write about.

I shall take a look at the business of Wall Street but in a different, novel way. I will be using the redpill. #redpillWallStreet is the new hashtag for now. I won't be using a study guide from Harvard or Wharton, because it is useless. Wall Street and Washington, behave like women so you need to watch what they're doing, not what they are saying. I call this the red pill, as opposed to the blue pill, which is what most people take and consequently see.

Some time ago, I was asked what I thought about the presidency of Donald Trump. I said: Don't know and don't care. The President should be a blip on your radar, you shouldn't have to think about that. However, Trump is an excellent study, he is a master persuader and we can draw interesting lessons. Yesterday hedge funder and philanthropist George Soros wrote about the prospects of  the Trump Presidency on an optimistic tone but did refer to Trump as a "conman". If that "conman" managed to win the Presidency, he must have done something right ! The reference conman as such is "blue pill", inaccurate. It is not a word to describe reality. Also it appears Soros doesn't know the basic thing that you don't scratch a pimple.

Your boss would love to see your guts spilled all over the floor...

However, since he's got a PnL book to manage and you are his best performer he's got his crab claws into you. Unless you are the founding partner of a business you'll have to work for somebody else who'll box you into your cubicle and squeeze every last drop of life out of you. Your boss is your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. Look forward to "Upend the top dog", "Sleeping with the frenemy", and more.

If you wish to get better at life, continue coming back to this blog.

If you do a keyword density analysis of my posts on social media, you'll find out the most repeated word is "win". That shows the basis of my message, the fundamental reason for writing it all.

If you are serious about winning, keep reading this blog.

The best is yet to come !

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