Monday, July 17, 2017

How to defeat Trump

It is about one year since I started writing on this blog, and the laurels keep coming. Sweet ! [Previously explained this: although started in 2013, I wrote almost nothing here until last summer.] So I consider this effort to be one year long to date. Happy 1st B-day !

  1. More page views than ever before...between 2,500 to 3,000 a day.
  2. A mailing list quickly approaching 2,000. Those 2,000 folks are my core readership, people who surely know what they want out of life. Core readers are those who place value on the content I bring to the marketplace, people who don't scurry like rats from the difficulties of life.
  3. I've gotten comments,  like "good motivational blog", "you tell it like it is", "the garden place to hang your boss", " not girlfriend friendly". Look, I try to motivate myself every day, so I'll do it here as well [link].  And yes, bosses are my favorite subject. Specifically, dealing with bosses and their efforts to undermine our progress in our careers. I estimate bosses cost our economy $5 Bn in lost productivity, protracted work and unseemly squabbles. I'll write a book on bosses. Bosses are the biggest angst in people lives, together with their mothers-in-law.

A reader says: You say you are the "word's number one strategist". [my note: I am ] We are desperate, after 6 months of Trump turmoil, is it anyway that we can defeat him ?




Do you really wanna know the secret to victory ?

First off, I previously stated this is a non-political space and I do not get myself involved in politics ! This still stands. I wrote about Trump only insofar as the study of covert manipulation. I don't care if Trump sinks or swims. On the other hand, you come of as a CNN or a MSN type, and I suppose you are baffled as to why you're not getting anywhere.

The secret to victory is not being the loser. [cliché word maybe, but with a lot of traction]

Anyone who has a strong political identity is not very smart if they need the politicians to direct their life. Politics is an art of manipulation. And nobody does it better than Trump.

"To be angry at people means one considers their act important." -C.C.

"Some of our biggest sins are over-analyzing, overthinking and over-complicating" -Max Cantor, number one strategist

The CNN and liberals are screaming out every time Trump does or says something, in effect playing his game. They are caught in his frame. The polarizing effect Trump designed works its magic, no wonder Trump's base has stuck with him over the past 6 months. [A stunning 96 percent of those who say they voted for him in 2016 would do so again.]

Trump's labels and memes are selling like corn on the cob.
And it's not just cause it's summer.  CNN = Faking News, etc.

What is Trump obsessed with ? Winning. If he can clearly be identified as a loser. the loser message should be emphasized. Notice I said loser, not losing. The adjective: loser. That will, in time, disengage his base. Nobody wants to be associated with a loser. If CNN, ABC, The NY Times can distill that message consistently, it would break Trump's frame and increasingly remove him his base. Isolate. Emphasize. Trump repeats what he says three or four times. He loves repetition: that's how he hammers down his message.

But nobody things strategy, not at the NYT, nor anywhere else. What the reporters at the NYT do they bash Trump's supporters, furthering the divide.

The media reels and knee jerks every time Trump lashes out at them.

The liberals let Trump define who they are and that is plain dumb. Watch this:

Trump plays the media like it's the old Sands Casino in Vegas.

Instead, come up with your own poetry: Don the Con. Don the Con works. Have you ever been conned ? I know I have. Such a message, if applied consistently as it relates to Trump's flubs makes sense. I voted Don: I've been Conned.

I'm afraid Trump is heading to a lackluster presidency where he does more harm than good. Trump's business is growing internationally, while at the same time he is advocating isolation and restricting trade. You're eating all the good bagels and you're throwing me the crumbs? What kind of crap is this ? If you don't eat your own cooking, why should I believe you ?

Lorna,  if you are with the media that Trump has declared war on, think strategically. Stop losing and start winning.  Nobody is going to stick around Losin' Don for too long. And there's no shame in admitting we've been conned.

I will revisit the issue in one year from now.

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  1. Max, scuttlebutt in our office has it that you are a bot (AI) by Google. Are you Artificial Intelligence. Please clarify. Cheers

    1. I might be. It explains why I am still on the Blogger platform while I own five websites. After all, Wordpress is the best and bigger platform. Cheers

  2. Victims of cons often double down rather than face the reality that they've been had.

    1. What's the difference between Donald Trump and a used car salesman ? The used car guy has a higher IQ.


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