Saturday, July 29, 2017

Do we have a BSD in office ? No

Since the recent behavior of Anthony Scaramouch made it to the front lines of NY Times and The Wall Street Journal, I might as well talk about it.

I started thinking we have a BSD working in the House of Cards. For those nitwits that don't know what that means, BSD doesn't mean Berkeley Software Development. It means Big Swinging Dick. Big Singing Dick has nothing to do with the size of the dick. Dick size is important to women. Women care about cock size. [Although admitting "that's not important", women often make dick size a favorite conversation among themselves.] So for the BSD, it is the size of his balls, not dick, that makes the difference.

Edit: May 2018

It is known the man lasted 10 days in his post.

10 Days Too Many

Instead of fighting back, still clinging to the illusion of tomfoolery. It's not funny when you make a fool of yourself

Weak. The Man should be wearing a "Big D*** George" hat

I've often been questioned if there's a correlation between wealth and alpha male status. There is a weak positive correlation between the two, not as much as you might think.

First, we'll debunk a misconception. It is commonly assumed alpha males make up perhaps 20% of the male population. The real number is close to 3% or less. So 3% (higher in the wealthy crowd) are alphas, and the rest 97% are betas and worse. In the high stakes investment industry, it is excruciatingly painful to be an alpha male. The movies Wall Street and the Wolf of Wall Street glorify an outlier, a minor set of people. Most people working in finance are lackeys in fear of their jobs who tiptoe in life with great caution not to upset the boss, not to talk, not to stand out the wrong way. If they don't fall the line of the establishment they know they will lose their jobs. And when they lose there jobs, there are 1000 linchpins ready for it.

One of the worst things I've seen is women rising to the top in Wall Street jobs adopting attitudes and maneuvers of men in an ill- balanced fashion.

Nobody talks about that.

I've seen men of valor, competent men, bending to women's wills just to keep their jobs. When women get involved you have insipid backstabbing and dirty plots. Men stripped of their dignity. Men lowering their standards in order to please a boss who graduated from Stanford or Wharton. Scaramouch in his words I believe said "I do front stabbing, not backstabbing". Women love backstabbing (as some fans told me, women bosses will fire you while ordering you lunch) but alpha males, perhaps somewhat careless, will fight the good fight. A woman does not fight like that. A beta male doesn't fight like that. A BSD- which is a top tier alpha, will.

"Fear is the mother of morality" -Friedrich Nietzche

To answer the question on wealth and alpha status. This is similar to wealth and virility for example. Are the wealthy more virile ?  To a small degree, they probably are, but how statistically significant?

The default for the male population, including the wealthiest, is beta. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, while incredibly successful, are beta males. The fact they signed the dumb "Giving Pledge" to give away most of the fortune after death, is a beta male thing. I am not saying that alphas shouldn't give away any of their fortunes, they should if it pleases them. They can spend their money however, give it all away if it makes them happy, but while they are alive. The key word here is [while] alive. For an alpha, someone else spending your money is not right. Delegating your important right of legacy and contribution to the society to somebody else is a beta male thing.

Alphas value being alive, not being dead.


  1. Ha-ha, great calling Scaramucci Scaramouch. The hordes of betas must hate him.

  2. The guy is trying to make a name for himself. Not a glamorous job. However, an alpha male essentially cannot fail. So far, as you can see, DT has surrounded himself with yesmen and women ---> Recipe for disaster.

  3. What I know he is a man of great moral compass. The job is thankless. Even worse: working for a thankless man. We'll see.

  4. Women naturally lead their beta providers into lives of quiet desperation. It's the story of our modern times.

  5. Ok that lasted longer than ice on an icebreaker. 10 days. Disappointing.

  6. We are looking at a man who, while not confronting Loser Don, has the potential to establish his own political capital. You are looking at a future President. Mr. Scaramucci has the wherewithal and the understanding to become a President.


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