Sunday, June 18, 2017

3 ways to lose your FEAR

A publisher (let's call them ramdomly) asked me to write a CEO Bluebook on the blueprint for CEO ascension. The problem with that is CEO ascension is not something like writing a cooking recipe formula. Also, CEO biographies are all over the place, from Steve Jobs to Travis Kalanick, you can cull and pick as many as you want to. Most people will never be a CEO because either they're not interested or not cut out to be one. So I see a limited market for such a title. I also see a small advance. The result: not happening ! I'm not doing boring stuff and I am not doing stuff that'll just be pleasing to the oligarchy. Get yourself another henchman, butthead ! I have no lost love for you !

After writing the last post, you want more of the truisms I call Max's maxims. I can spill those out faster than a speeding ticket.

When God spoke to me, He said: I am the God of no mercy. -Max Cantor maxim #11 [redacted]

The way out is following through. -Max Cantor maxim #12

Think of yourself as a company or going concern business, not an individual. For everyone you encounter, boss included, ask yourself: How does this person help out my growth and development ? Are they here to help me or STUNT me ? -Max Cantor maxim #13

Think of your boss as medicine. All medicine outgrows its usefulness. -Max Cantor maxim #14

If a patient keeps on taking cancer medicine and does not stop, that person will die from the side effects. When you have a cold, you won't keep on taking cold medicine after you got well. Once cured, there's no need for the medicine. If you keep taking medicine past the prescribed period, the good effects will end and you will have sickened yourself.

Every boss' wish is to linger in your life past office hours. They think that's what phones are for.

Make yourself unavailable during your private time. Do NOT answer that phone, do NOT answer that text. -Max Cantor maxim #15

We live in a workplace where, for some ungodly reason, bosses think you must be available 24 hours a day. Unhealthy ! Unwise ! Flip the script ! (one of my favorite words).

Beware, boss love can easily, perhaps overnight, turn into hate. Max Cantor maxim #16

As I said before, boss-subaltern relations are not unlike amorous relationships. Love turns into hate and sometimes hate turns into love.

If you sing praise to your boss, you'll have to escalate it more and more. -Max Cantor maxim #17
I said it before, bosses are "drug addicts" addicted to the drug of praise. Once you are on that trip, they need a higher dose of the thing every time.

Boss love is tough love. -Max Cantor maxim #18

I am rephrasing maxim #16. Be prepared to have dramatic ups and downs, crashes, I wanna make sure you file for divorce, NOT him. In other words, when it comes to the divorce, you have the upper hand. You put the nail on that coffin !

For me, a boss is just an untrained puppy. -Max Cantor maxim #19
That's because I have the practice and skill set of training the boss.

Most people have a problem with fear. They are in fear of their boss. -Max Cantor maxim #20

3 Ways to Overcome Fear

As you read maxim #20 you realize fear and perhaps, lack of self-trust are the biggest issues to overcome with bosses. If you think deeply you will realize there are other "bosses" in your life aside from the boss at work. There is somebody that holds your emotional bonds (girlfriend/boyfriend) and keeps a Pavlovian reward system into place. Also, lot of us are not even aware of our deeply held beliefs which are mentally "bossing us". We have ingrained conditioning perhaps since childhood and the formative years. Every experience we had is laded onto our consciousness, or emotional bank, with or without our permission.

I propose three ways to shaken our core up to rid ourselves of fear and oppression. Caution: these are not for the faint of heart. They are not suitable for all people! Use them at your own risk. Reading assumes you've agreed to the terms and conditions spelled forth at the bottom of the post. I call these exercises:

1. Fu** off your girlfriend.

Who is the most attention grabbing person in your life ? Who has you conditioned like a good doggy ? The answer is your girlfriend (or boyfriend). You are emotionally shackled to her whether you know it or not. Many men are bossed around by their significant other.

Can you develop the courage to say NO to THIS BOSS ?

Saying no could mean just flipping the script on female domination. She pay for herself from now on. If you are spending your money on her, you stop doing that. In addition, she must pay for your expenses from now on. You are being taken care of. You are the eye of the storm. You're the star.

What is Tom Cruise saying in Magnolia about men ? "
"It is evolutional. It is anthropological. It is biological."

For those that want to literally offer their partner out to somebody else, a word of advice: it could drastically change your relationship. It may make it stronger, or it may dissolve it. How bad is the life of a pimp ? I don't know it, ask Snoop or Rosebudd. I can say that I talked to a hooker once. Contrary to the public belief, hookers hold their pimps in high regard, they respect and believe in them. Their pimp is the all star awesome guy ! The Johns are the losers. How many Johns out there paying their way to being "nice guys" ?

2. Reflective practice

Visualize your boss when seeing (and smelling !) anything that is disgusting, dirty, and repulsive. It can be cockroaches, slime, plagues. Call out his (hers) name: slime, cockroach __Insert Name.  If you live in a clean spotless household, get in your car and drive to a public restroom that's awful. See how it looks. Feel it. Then call out the name of your boss.

People look for the "secret" of being the boss. There is no secret other than practice, doing it over and over again.

3, Practice being in control of the small things

Things like wearing the clothes you want when you go to___fill in the blanks. Ordering the things you want from the restaurant's menu, not what wifey, girlfriend, cousin or your friend wants.


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  1. Max is telling something we all know but keep it quiet.

    You got to give it to the man, he pulls the pants down bosses.

    The "Boss Crippler". Worth reading.

  2. This is the best performance of Tom Cruise I have ever seen.

  3. Yes. Listen and learn


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