Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This salad has no dressing

I try to keep off politics, but people asked me: how about Comey and Trump, where is this going ? What do you think ? What do I think ? I think today we've finally seen the markets moving down-logically- and there's still ways to go.

The problem is there are no tapes or "dressing" on this salad. Trump knows that, and I think tapes is what you need for convincing evidence. I don't know what the admissibility standards are for top law enforcement memos. Of course, it is certainly better to have them than not to have them.

I shall stay on my topic, which is boss-underling relationship, and more specifically, WHAT YOU CAN DO with your own Nero, your boss.

1. Tapping phone conversations and audio/video of critical meetings is a vital tool for the underling. You'll need to check your own state/local statutes for how that is allowed. I understand Trump used to tape some of his phone calls as a businessman. Tapping is a very important tool. If Comey had a wire on him at those meetings, Trump's pants would be soiled by now, assuming there is evidence of impropriety.

Landlines phones have a two beep sound every 20 seconds when the record button is pressed thus warning the parties the conversation is being recorded.

Cellphones, unfortunately, have no "recording" button to tap. Some people download an app (i.e. TapeACall, CallRecorder) or use an external voice recorder.

2. Every email is a record. Treat every email you receive from your boss like potential evidence. Anything that smells of recklessness, malfeasance or any type of wrongdoing should be saved. Despite the controversy with the phone tapping, more CEOs lose their jobs over email missteps than over phone indiscretions. Boeing CEO Harry Stonecypher was forced to resign after an extramarital affair became known out of his emails.

How can you not leave a a messy email trail ? Keep very simple e-mail reply forms.

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