Monday, April 3, 2017

Real CEO talk exposé

A few years back  I was on the 9th Green at Pebble Beach Golf Course (link) playing a heavy hitter. When he introduced himself I found out he was a major company CEO. I recall specific moments of that conversation because the guy spoke of what it takes to be a CEO. Back then, I was frustrated, my downswing was horrible. I shanked the ball because I was hitting from the outside instead of the inside.

Where did you NOT learnt it ?" he asked me.

-I took some lessons last summer at Edgewood.

Guess what: If you don't know where your head, is you lose it. In golf, like life: you need great balance, focus. If your mind narrows to the path ahead, you lose concentration.

-So, coach [I started addressing him affectionately by "coach"], what does it take to be a CEO ? Other than balance and walking confidently on any path, no matter how narrow?

How many can you take with one hit.

-What exactly do you mean ?

Having meetings and people coming in saying their things. Obviously I can't go each way everybody wants, so I'll chose the one way that works for most. Not all. 

-Let me guess: yours is the loudest voice around [in meetings, A/N].

My voice is not only the loudest, but the surest. I have to clear the air of all the fluff and smoke and mirrors.

-And who's bringing all the smoke and mirrors ?

All the bull***t artists. The leadership management experts. My point is slow and steady wins the race.

-I think there is a place for all the Mckinseys of the the world...

These are gamers who've never build anything in their lives. These people introduce self doubt, they are dream killers. Anybody who has ever done anything exceptional has issues and roadblocks, to think otherwise is foolish. They think if sales are down you are going to fade away. Foolish ! 


I've had thousands in my life saying NO to me ! You can't do it ! You can't get there ! What separates a real CEOs from the rest is drive that he has, the patterns and the choices. I get more done than others, that's why I run a company.  I can get any resources I need before anyone else does. That's why I have my title.

-Ok, can I buy you lunch ? -I said

Yes, you may.

-Can I write a book featuring you and title it "Real CEOs are not the pussies you read about",  or "Anti-pussy CEOs" ?

No, you're not.

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  1. Awesome read. Max is putting out the best material on human development that I've ever seen. It is not to be found anywhere else !


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