Thursday, April 13, 2017

Looking for a good logo

I was thinking what would make a good logo for my blog. In the animal kingdom, an obvious choice would be the bull, but the bull is everywhere and its image has been sullied by a "fearless girl". Would a lionheart or a lion do ? What about a saber-toothed tiger ? The wolf ? The wolf is overdone, there are even [financial] firms named Wolf Capital and variations thereof.

I think the best and down-to-earth symbol is the American pitbull. Ferocious. Pure bred (and not always). Active listener. Boss killer. Foot soldier. Goes where no one has gone before. Does what no one has done before. Really strong teeth. Loves blood sports. Goodwill ambassador.

From the pictures below, please select which one you like the best. Thank you !


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1. Graph clipart

2. Red nose pitbull

3. Other graphical art

4. Standup guy


  1. Max, are you the Pitbull of Wall Street ?

  2. Why aren't pitbulls used as police dogs ? It seems to always be the GSD or Belgian Malinois...

  3. Bulldogs crossed with terriers is how the breed was actually created.

  4. I think a good logo is the coyote. Coyotes are underappreciated. Tough little creatures.

    1. Hello Tim. That was a nice and funny video. Coyotes are not associates with manly, worthy, or dangerous traits though.


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