Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I slept with my boss and this is what happened [boss's tale]

What is about the forbidden fruit that makes it so sweet ? Is is because it's forbidden ? Is it because is breaking an ethical rule ? The forbidden is getting the excitement women crave for ? Is is the pear shape fruit that makes it so appealing ? -The anatomy of the female breasts, if the're not round, some of them are pear shaped. And so are the buttocks. "According to Matthew Schulman, women's bottoms fall into five categories. They are either square, V-shape, A-shape, round or upside-down heart"- Daily News. Lingerie experts identified 9 types of breasts: athletic, relaxed, round, east west, slender, side set, bell shaped, slender and tear dropped.- Daily News NSFW

Let's have this e-mail speak, 

[made changes to the names to protect the innocent]

"I thought affairs happen to other people. More importantly I thought this never happens to a career-minded independent woman who has been happily and I stress, happily, married for over 8 years. I love my husband ! His name is Larry is a well respected member of the community who's integrity is never in question. He is on the Board of our local Children's Hospital. I'm in my thirties and I keep myself in shape, I exercise five days a week. The Soul Cycle studio is my second home. Besides Soul Cycle sweat sessions I have equipment I use at home.

Five months ago a young man got hired at work. His name is John, he is 25 years old, started as an Inside Sales Rep. He has blue eyes, dark hair, is deep-voiced and well -spoken. He came to me one day with a question on editing a report in the newer Salesforce  internal chatter, as we were communicating between departments. I am a Chief Engineer. He said hello, and afterwords invited me to join him for lunch which we took outside the building on the grounds. He he had recently broke up with his college girlfriend and was living at home with his parents. He then asked if I ever went paddle boarding, which I didn't. He started to hold my hand and invited to me on Saturday to go paddle boarding. Then he said: Race you to your desk ! and he raced me to the 5th floor where we work. I won. I never took the stairs before.

On Sat. I went to meet John and we paddle boarded ! I fell of the board five times and he caught me every time. How did such an Angel came into my life ? We made plans to meet at night and go to a dive bar or something. The problem is that I had to tell my husband something. So I told him I was going out shopping for a lamp I needed, and that I'll be back in the hour and 15 minutes I max had. Be back before 9 PM, because that's when the store closed. Imagine even as I met him, I still had to come back home with a lamp ! I met him, and in a hurry we started kissing outside the beer bar, and it went from my car. Then rushing over to the home goods store that sold lamps to buy one.

Have you ever had a crazy Sat. like that ?

After that day, we me got intimate in many occasions. Mostly public places. One night I could take my baby to my house when my husband Larry was away. It was the best night ever. At work, my lips are tight and try not to show my affection for him, However, he does show off. So this is another riddle I have, him showing off at work while me trying to control it.

What do you think ? John wants me to divorce Larry and marry him. I broke Larry's trust ! I can't look at Larry like before ! What can I do ?

Max responds:

Listen, I'm not here to give advice. I can only voice an opinion. You can do what you heart says, but have some rigor and thought behind it. Even if you think this is more than temporary -five months is not a long time, consider how what you decide will impact the loved ones involved. You're not saying if you came out to your husband or anything. You can't hide an affair for ever. Good luck.

I wonder what some readers think of it. Acceptable ? Disgusting ? Fleeting ? Will the guy be gone and forgotten this time next year ? Should she go for a divorce ? Separation ?


  1. Interesting. The new thing now is to take ladies to the golf course and play golf !

  2. This just goes to show you bosses need some loving, too.

    1. I took my boss out to Fatburger last night. We talked for about two hours. When we parted, she went to her car and faked car trouble. She texted me :"I can't get home." Really ? I agreed to drive her home. On our way, guess what. She said she needed to get to the bathroom. My house was closer, she asked to get to my house !

      Pain in the ass !

  3. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
    It's about learning to dance in the rain.-Vivian Green


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