Sunday, April 23, 2017

Harvey Specter: close, but not close enough ?

Those that never watched "Suits" may wish to pause this one. Harvey Specter is a lawyer in the Suits series obsessed with winning. He's not even a hard-ass but he is pretty good. How good do you think he is ? Please go though the survey below and answer it !

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Selected best users Survey comments [updated 04.23.2017]:

  1. The only thing I like about Harvey is his paycheck.
  2. I'll pass on Harvey. My boss is better than him, he is first at happy hour and the drinks are on him !
  3. Vote No on Harvey. I'm afraid that Harvey might steal the lunch my wife packed me.
  4. I won't swap Harvey for my boss, but I'll swap my girlfriend for his.
  5. Harvey is overrated. I like Patrick Bateman [American Psycho] better.
  6. Me and Harvey go a long way, all the way to the highway. ???
  7. I'll pass. I can't have anyone better than me. I failed the Bar three times and I'm still taking it.
  8. If Harvey buys lunch, he's my kind of boss. I'm tired of buying lunch for the entire office.
  9. Lloyd Blankfein is my type. Can I vote him in ?
  10. Harvey doesn't smoke his own meats. What the hell are you smoking ?

                                  and     Negotiations: Can't top this

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to all the Harvey survey submissions ! Keep them coming.


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