Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dating: The importance of the redpill

I briefly touched on relationships before, but I never articulated the importance of going "redpill" for men that are dating or that are in any kind of  an amorous relationship.

This week The NY Post had an article "Why I won't date hot women anymore". by Christian Gollayan. In this article, a PE executive is quoted as saying:

"Beautiful women who get a fair amount of attention get full of themselves,” he says. Eventually, I was dreading getting dinner with them because they couldn’t carry a conversation.”

.The man in question eventually stopped dating bikini models and found a compatible girl he is now engaged to, who is the VP of her mother's company. He is "enthusiastic" about giving up "high-maintenance hotties". The articles tries to put women on the same level  playing field, giving the example of a girl who gave up a "hot" guy for the same reason the male banker did, suggesting hot men are much alike their hot women counterparts.

What does it mean going "redpill" for men ? It is seeing women as their are rather then how they want to be seen and how they are made in cultural programming. Women are, by far and large, "flighty, selfish and vapid", each to a degree. That degree is exacerbated in the "hot looking" category. Women are driven by their solipsism [self-fixation] and hypergamy [seeking higher status in men]. So a "hot" woman with a lot of options will inevitably be divisive, manipulative and narcissistic. To expect otherwise is to live in the unreal world of the consumerism society where women reign supreme. Dan Rochkind -and countless others- would have saved himself a lot of heartache and money had he understood this early on. I will incorporate three Max Cantor truths that will hopefully make men and the women they date at ease with themselves and their expectations.

Women, not men, control most of the world resources.- Max Cantor redpill truth #1

That's right. Women sit atop the consumer pyramid and consume more resources (all things being equal) than men do. That includes everything, not (just) purses and clothing, but all basic commodities: oil, gas, food and services: education. Everything and more 9i.i. black market economy) that makes up the GDP of a state or nation.

All things being equal, a woman, not a man, will get a high paying (i.e. "corner office") job.-Max Cantor redpill #2.

How so ? By playing the "minority" card, the woman will get a pass a male will not. Hard to prove, and let's be serious, 99.99% of males are not living life at their full potential as yours truly. They won't initiate an inquiry or even whisper about it.

Back to the original issue of dating "hotties", what should a man do ?

Hot doesn't work. You'll get burned (well, if you don't wear redpill gloves).

Always pay dutch and crush an oversized looks-centered ego. -Max Cantor redpill #3

If you know the redpill truth, "hotties" and "9s and 10th" will fall by the sidelines. They could be math teachers but "hotties" are still the narcissist they are. They look down on you, albeit unconsciously, and think the world owes them. You know, the usual "I'm young and pretty". In that case, show them you owe them nothing. Dump the hot girl instead of the other way around, she dumping you. If you do, you will have shown to yourself that you are well equipped to handle reality. You wanna take this a step further ? Make a "Hall of Mighty-Dumped" of pictures and frames of "hotties" that you dumped.  I'm sure they're not going to be that many once you realize it's a zero win game.

If you apply the Scott Adams quote, dating "hotties" is "pursuing an unlikely payoff".

I think dating works best when people are on similar levels of attractiveness, education, interests and background in general. Whenever you have a pay-for-looks or pay-for-age type you are asking for trouble. Disparity is disingenuous.

In the case of the "hot" woman who dumped the "hot" guy. That's how two high-scale narcissistic personalities parted [I'm sure at least one of them won't admit to narcissism] and that "hot" and "hot" ultimately doesn't work -someone is bound to get burned.


  1. You're spilling golden nuggets there, Max ! Make sure you read this book if you haven's already:

    1. That "red pill" is bitter. I'm not going backwards, however.

  2. One time, I was having dinner with an attractive woman. I decided to leave the table momentarily and "forget" my almost empty wallet on my chair. Turns out she surreptitiously stole my Costco membership card, worth $55. The wallet was where I left it when I came back.

    When I asked her about it a couple of days later, she said she forgot to tell me she picked it of the floor that night. This was a girl that was driving a Benz. Watch out !

  3. Eye opener. Thanks for writing !

  4. :youtube:vbCg6Y-Xg4c:eyoutube:

  5. "Women have no concepts of loyalty.
    They are packing animals.
    She doesn't really love you.
    She loves what you can do for her."
    -#wiseman #wisdom


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