Sunday, March 5, 2017

You're fired...

Some time ago...the boss called John into his office. John saw three security guards posted at the door. Something was up.

Boss: John, good to see you ! Firing on all cylinders today ? How's Rachel [John's wife] doing ?

John: She's good.

Boss: The reason we're here today is most unfortunate. [Takes a deep breath]. You're fired ! I'm sorry.

But... but...

No ifs and buts with this one. When you're given three hours to pack up your things, you're up against the wall.

Somebody asked me what John should have done or said.

  • "If you wanna take responsibility for firing me, you just did." -Depending on the circumstances, saying that may not be a such a good idea. Sometimes it may.

  • "Good luck !" Say good luck to your firing boss -before he does.

  • "See you in the movies"! -Please, only say it if you wanna make a movie about it.

  • "You're on a collision course with planet Earth". If you say that your boss knows where he is-spatially.

  • "Ok, I'm hosting my mom's birthday party and I need a caterer. You're hired !" -If you say that, make sure you are having that party.

  • If John was expecting it to happen, John should have brought a sign like this and hang it around his neck on his way out.

  • "In this case, I'll allow it." Your boss might think you might know something he doesn't know.

  • "I'll give a dollar and we call it square." Your boss might think he was in a bet with you.

The Apprentice "You're fired !" scenes - two-thirds of videos were deleted

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