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Fiercest battle of them all: the battle of the sexes

In Japan the tradition is for women to give gifts and chocolates to men on Valentines Day (USA Today). Men get a chance to reciprocate one month later, on White Day, a more recently established tradition.

How is a Wall Street veteran to weight in the battle of the sexes ? From a strategic point, men have lost that battle. Women have largely won, their sense of self-aggrandizement and self-entitlement is out-of-scale. A few bright guys in the manosphere brought to light the so called reality based "red pill" thinking, but that is not necessarily new.

Women initiate 70% of divorces, so who's in the driver seat ?

"Sixty per cent of the 2,000 women surveyed by London dating app The Inner Circle admitted refusing a second date with a guy - after finding he had a lower salary than them.- Express U.K.

"Love never dies of starvation, but often of indigestion". -Ninon de L'Enclos, French author

Let's have a look at dating and female manipulation with excerpts
from Rev. Lawrence Shannon's "The Predatory Female" 1992 book
What women want

Q. Beyond herself and her status with other women, does anything else pique her interest?
A. Yes, any combination of money, romance, and excitement. The scent of these accommodations will have her rising like a cobra in a wicker basket. The provider of such diversions occupies center stage in her life, but his identity is unimportant to her, and it’s a temporary position. Nobody can amuse her forever. All pied pipers eventually fade into the past.

The end game

When you begin to fraternize with a woman, you are taking the first steps in a ritual mating dance that, if allowed to progress, will result in your moving about the floor in a semi-comatose state until you are fleeced of your money, property, and peace of mind. A predatory female will study you. She learns to know what you are thinking. She begins the strongest primeval death grip known to man.

Male drones are essential to matriarchy

…the matriarchal system could never operate efficiently without the hordes of male drones it has created. These men, preconditioned by their mothers and suffering from a self-imposed order of chivalry, consistently front for the system and its predatory female masters.

Hard to win

If an individual fails to understand that a female’s charms are never given, only loaned, he is doomed to exploitation. The male must constantly remember that there is absolutely no such entity as an exclusive use of a woman’s sexual favors. There are always other men, and sometimes women. The man’s innate desire to possess a female, to have his own little sex doll and intimate companion, is his biggest vulnerability. A predatory female will use this weakness to lead him into a trap and destroy him.


Many divorced men are sending monthly alimony checks to women bearing little resemblance, physically or mentally, to the ones they married.

What About Love?

Q. You haven’t mentioned love as an interest of the predatory female. Why?
A. The predatory female never loves a man; she only loves the love. This is a basic rule.

The Chameleon Syndrome

Q. What is the chameleon syndrome?
A. A quasi-supernatural transformation, the chameleon syndrome is the predatory female’s unholy ability to become whatever the script calls for in “hooking” a man. She will adopt his viewpoints, his attitudes, his hobbies, and his dislikes. Her personality will change to suit his. She will enroll in classes, become a gourmet cook, stop smoking, switch religions, accept his friends, humor his jealousies, develop a relationship with his relatives, or whatever else is called for. She will change colors in the rocks like a chameleon! Of all the traits exhibited by predatory females, this chameleon syndrome is one of the most lethal.


Q. Do predatory females physically disguise themselves?
A. Yes. The predatory female habitually employs subterfuge. Each morning across America, millions of women don disguises. They use make-up, wigs, face paint, phony eyebrows, false eye lashes, eye shadow, lipstick, false fingernails, hair color, corsets, sprays, and other camouflage.

Women’s clothing designers often refer to the “illusion” they are creating. Occasionally these females improve that appearance, but the fact remains they are hiding something. They are fooling somebody. The practice is so commonplace that few see it for what it is: deception.

Slot Machine

Q. And a date is like feeding in the first quarter?
A. Yes, and you might hit a jackpot. But sooner or later the slot takes it all back with interest.

Role Reversal

Q. What is the role reversal safeguard?
A. It’s a simple step to guard against doing something stupid when dealing with a predatory female. Just reverse the situation and ask yourself if she would do what she’s asking or expecting you to do. A good example is marriage. Few women would marry if the conditions and ground rules were reversed. Under no circumstance would a predatory female put herself in the legally and financially subservient position that a man assumes when he marries. Role reversal always illuminates dealings with predatory females. Sometimes when buying an expensive dinner for a female, ask yourself if
she would do that for you. Would she buy your dinner and pay for your drinks? Anytime you find yourself fanning your wallet around a woman, try the role reversal test.


Q. How does the predatory female use guilt to manipulate males?
A. Guilt is one of the predatory female’s most powerful tools. With guilt, she keeps her victims on the defensive. She uses it on males from a young age, at the outset of dating, to control them. She is surprised at how eagerly they accept this charade. She makes them feel guilty about simply wanting sex, a basic, primal urge. Once successful at that, the pattern is set. Cultivating a habit of making men feel apologetic about their wants, sexual or otherwise, she assumes the aristocrat role - expecting things done for her - and silently demands that her male companion take the role of butler,
chauffeur, valet, and financial benefactor. The male, while simultaneously suffering from a guilt trip and nurturing a sniveling desire to get laid, is delighted to pick up the tab.

Another Pitfall

Q. What other seeds of destruction are inherent in marriage?
A. Although either unaware or able to conceal it, the new wife is almost immediately dissatisfied. She wanted stability and security, but now finds these commodities boring. There’s no adventure or excitement. She begins to chafe at the bit. She halfway wishes her husband had stuck to his guns when he originally declined to marry. She begins to resent him for marrying her. In a sense, she will never forgive him for letting her do this to herself. Finally, like a cow grazing along the edge of a field, she begins leaning on the fence. The fence bows and stretches awkwardly. Without crossing over, she may soon be able to enjoy the next pasture while defecating in her own.

Perpetual Estrangement

Q. My wife has remained distant and cold to me for a long time but has never mentioned a divorce. It’s like living in a limbo. Your comments?
A. A woman doesn’t have to physically leave you to dump you. Millions of wives don’t give a damn about their husbands, but are happy to spend his money and enjoy, what is for them, the prestige and benefits of marriage.

Big Wedding

Q. My ex-inlaws couldn’t get into a pay toilet so my parents paid for most of a large and expensive wedding. With the divorce in progress, they feel ripped off, too.
A. Very common. Another basic rule states that the length of the marriage is inversely proportional to the cost of the wedding.

Let It Rest

Q. Rev. Shannon, do you have any comments for divorced women?
A. Only to quote the immortal words of Hoveden: “Stir not the embers with the sword.”

The Beginning

Q. How do I re-program myself?
A. Condition yourself physically and mentally. Most people look like gunnysacks full of doorknobs. This is partially due to heavy doses of dependency on predatory females. Work out every day and get yourself into good physical shape. Take up a sport and start running. Do what predatory females have done for thousands of years - concentrate completely on yourself

Note: These quotes and more are from Return of Kings, Scribd , Issuu. The Predatory Female is not recommended by: National Organization of Women, American Bar Association, Rev. Jerry Falwell, Marvin Mitchelson, The League of Women Voters, National Association of Trial Lawyers, Daughters of the American Revolution, The American Medical Association. The College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, The National Council of Churches, Dr. Joyce Bozo. Publisher does not endorse or recommend any particular article, and does not offer any advice, training or solutions.

What is a guy to do to increase his chances of winning at this lottery ?

  1. Get a girl who had a strong male father figure. These are the girls with the best upbringing that reinforced the values of femininity and submissiveness.
  2. I think older males getting younger girls it's a win if they get to mold them. Hedge funder John Paulson married an immigrant girl who was working as his secretary and that marriage seems to be holding water.
  3. While you are dating you can hang a sign outside your bedroom door reading "Golddiggers not welcomed." If someone's asking about the sign you can say you only welcome goldiggers if they're at a mortuary digging though dead people teeth.
  4. Establish your policy to keep women accountable. The tweet above, from a woman, Barbara Corcoran (who's also a judge on Shark Tank) should be your policy.
  5. Well, what do you do if you are dealing with the busy career oriented women like those in the poll that rejected 60% of dates [even if good looking] because those men were making less money than themselves ? Do you even want their narcissistic misanthropic pull ? They live by this rule and [Sex and the City] culture.

    “Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.”
    ― Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City
  6. The protector myth.

    “Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can't figure out what from.”
    ― Mae West
  7. Marriage.

    “Never marry at all, Dorian. Men marry because they are tired, women, because they are curious: both are disappointed.”
    ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray
  8. More girl talk:

    “Don't leave a piece of jewelry at his house so you can go back and get it later; he may be with his real girlfriend.”
    ― Amy Sedaris, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

    “Failed relationships can be described as so much wasted make-up.”
    ― Marian Keyes, Watermelon

    “Don't worry about hurting me, if that's what you're afraid of. I want to get hurt. At least I´ll feel something for a change.”
    ― Katie Kacvinsky, Awaken
  9. “Most men claim to desire driven, independent and confident women. Yet when confronted with such a creature reverence often evolves into resent. For just like women, men need to be needed.”
    ― Tiffany Madison
  10. “To find out if she really loved me, I hooked her up to a lie detector. And just as I suspected, my machine was broken.
    ― Dark Jar Tin Zoo, Love Quotes for the Ages. Specifically Ages 19-91


  1. Marc Rudov rightfully calls women "merchant marines". Women are taught to downplay their sexuality. In fact, women are more sexual than men. That means you don't have to spend money on women, and you have to take care of them like they're little girls. There's no reason for men to take women anywhere. https://youtu.be/wibnsA6MLyw

    1. Lloyd, thanks for bringing up Marc Rudov. To quote his, too: "The clitoris is voice activated, not coin activated". "Little boys like the chase, not men. Men fail to call women out when women are misbehaving."


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