Friday, February 24, 2017

Decyphering Donald Trump's power style

Since I write a blog focused on decrypting power moves and attaining top career goals, I will focus today on the Man of the Hour, Trump.

People that are not business owners or that have not been responsible for their own revenue line have a poor understanding of what a CEO, or even a top salesman, are. CEOs, ostensibly the ones in the public eyes, let very little of their own true image show though in interviews and publications, because they worry about their public image. Politicians do too, with the exceptions of Donald Trump, which had to reveal himself to get elected.

People are so divided over Trump. It's hard to find anyone that's indifferent or not opinionated. His fiercest supporters call him "King", while his critics are no less shy in going to the other extreme. I think this division goes into institutions as well.

Well, what is ? What's the secret sauce that has taken millions of people by the storm ?

What Trump does he speaks to the emotions of the audience. Trump uses language designed to provoke and enrapture the listener. He is, in my opinion, often bare of facts, ignoring content but getting a deep emotional response that have his supporters raving and his detractors go mad. You can do anything but ignore him. Both his words and body language are a battery of emotion-laden imagery, a emotional rollercoaster. His outbursts are very carefully scripted. This comes from CEO and showbiz training. You can't very well argue with that -Watch the grab-and-jerk handshake. Trump has an emotional gravitational pull and unbridled frank language that along with his open hand gestures constitute his trademark. What the stunt doesn't tell you Trump functions like a good businessman, and number one law in business is that "All relationships are transactional."

Business community leaders have come out of WH meetings expressing being "charmed" by Trump. Reality check: negotiations are rarely done by the President, but by his aides. I would default to Frank Underwood on this one: "Shake with your right hand but hold a rock in your left."

Trump is the "Showbiz President". He likes using hyperbole, stunts, brake the norm of civility, but in the end what counts is seeing the economy flourish, sales and employment grow.

"Nobody cares more for the intelligence community than I do. Nobody !" -That's a statement Trump made not long ago [if not the exact words, it was along those lines]. Let's examine this statement. Onto fact checking: Is there any evidence that is true ? No. Is there any evidence it isn't true ? None whatsoever. So this is a plausible statement. However, the way he made it was emotionally loaded. Some people might say: this is bullshit. Other might think: that's the guy that cares for me. A plain language statement that anybody can understand would be: "I support the intelligence community". That's a simple, unemotional, un-provoking way of saying the same thing.

Social media is reduced perception, second-hand experience

4, 8, 12, etc. years ago social media did not exist or not in this form. Today, social media is a form of instant gratification. We are all addicts to this game. I wrote about reducing social media dependency here. What's the net result of using social media ? Simply put, reality becomes less congruent to our needs. Facts that do not matter become part of our reality. Our lives as a result are poorer because our experiences come through indirect messages. Now kids watch Youtube videos while doing their homework. Social media is one easy way to manipulate opinion and distort reality.

Trump seems to like to amplify the bad news while "burying the good news". Yesterday he twitted "he couldn't find any country the U.S. had a trade surplus with" when in fact there are quite a few. To quote a follower of his "when he hasn't tweeted before 8 AM 'he's got you eating out of his hands'."

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  1. I agree with you, Max. With Trump curb your enthusiasm. This guy is a loose cannon.

  2. Wise counsel, Max.


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