Saturday, February 18, 2017


A friend texted me today excited that Showtime' Billions Season 2 is on this weekend.

I replied that I was privileged to have seen another show, days earlier, better than "Billions". The show I watched you bet it's going to cost billions. I don't think Bobby Axelrod is half that shitty.

There was this hyena with angry outbursts. She was crazy. She launched at the lions with a playbook I have seen before.

How to make billions (or cost somebody billions):

  1. Say you have a face "everybody" loves. Everybody loves you.
  2. And you love everybody. Nobody cares more for fanny than you do.
  3. "Say: It's not what you think it is" when in fact, it is exactly what you see.
  4. Say you can lowball anyone. Save them a penny while costing them a dollar.
  5. Push to the forefront low priority/unnecessary problems. Do them the favor and solve them. 
  6. Say you've inherited a horrible mess and things were really bad.
  7. Tell lies for the sport of it. It's been studied and proven that repeating lies not only makes them more palatable, but firmly rooted as reality.
  8. Get easily bored: tee it really high.
  9. "Power Comes At A Price": Make them pay !
  10. Produce a lot of J.O.Bs.:Just Over Broke(s)

Push their buttons: what's the worst that can happen ? (Now go on Quora and answer it !)

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