Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday I wish list 2016

It is that time of the year. If you've been looking for some splashy "I had the best 2016: sold my start up" millionaire gift edition, you need only take a look at one page at our friends at @Notey:The Launch.

The New Mercedes Maybach S650

We are told that only 300 are manufactured worldwide.

Bang and Olufsen $80,000 speakers

The BeoLab90 speaker "stands more than 4 feet tall, weights more than 130kg and costs more than a BMW 3series". It bosts a total of 8.200 Watts through 18 speakers. It looks like spaceship probes to or a sculpture. The closest I got to a B&O are the speakers on my computer.

Ulisse Nardin Diver Chronograph Watch

Comes in a limited edition of only 250. Its 45.8 mm diameter case is made from stainless steel coated with rubber and finished with a medallion on the case-back illustrating the catamaran in racing while its rubber strap brings comfort and flexibility." Buying info .

Bossa Nova Rimowa Luggage

The Germans are at it again.

Private Jet Membership at JetSmarter

JetSmarter makes available flights on empty legs for its members. JetSmarter has 6,700 members who pay as much as $11,000 a year, plus a one-time initiation fee -now $4,000:. JetSmarter is backed by rapper Jay Z and investment firm KZ Capital, and was recently valued at $1.6 Bn. Jetsmarter has the best app I've seen for booking private jet travel, and they are in over 50 countries at the date of this writing.

Tell me how this list, admittedly short, compares with GSElevator's.  We managed to spend only $400,000 or so.

Next one up, I will write a Holiday wish list that is truly smart with a total budget of $100 (one hundred). There's a lot of joy to get from that one, too !

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