Friday, October 14, 2016

Jetcraft 10-year Business Aviation Market Forecast

Jetcraft released its 10-year business aviation forecast Oct. 12th, 2016

Key points:
  • 7,879 unit deliveries, representing $248 billion in revenues (based on 2015 pricing) through 2026
  • Gulfstream OEMs to secure the largest market share (30.6%)
  • Largest 30% revenue market share for engines for PW&C, Rolls Royce into 2nd place with 25%
  • Honeywell will be the dominant player among avionics OEMs, with a 45% revenue market share over the forecast period. Rockwell Collins 2nd with a 37% revenue market share.
  • Little increase in residual values for pre-owned aircraft (5+ years).
  • Cautionary tale: increasing geopolitical stressants could alter the projections. 


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