Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fist Fights

Tony Parsons is the celebrated author of best-selling novels Man and Boy, The Open Secret, Man and Wife, Departures, Catching the Sun and others.

He also has a monthly column at GQ Magazine UK. (Are you looking to write a book? His thoughts on it How to write a bestselling book, with Tony Parsons)

But that is not the article I will discuss here. I will discuss Why you should always avoid a fist fight, published in the March 2017 issue of British GQ. I disagree with the title and his content logic needs a revision.

In this article, Parsons walks you through one of his foolish boyhood fist fights, to him witnessing a near-hit with a car while riding with his teenage daughter.
"Hard men - true hard men - always say that violence is never worth the price you have to pay."
"Violence lasts for almost no time at all but the messy aftermath - to body, to mind, to career - can echo through the years. Violence is always ugly, brutal and senseless." -Parsons


"At some point you will not be able to walk away." All right. Here is one out of 69 pieces of advice, "You should never hit anyone who you are not prepared to keep hitting" . He gets a check mark on that.

"Learning to deal with violence is key to being a man."

I'll take it from there, from the last piece of useful advice in the article.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Sex at Dawn book discussion

Sex at Dawn is a book written back a few years ago on the origins of human sexuality with well appointed arguments about the primitive -forager lifestyle- human population.

The authors, Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha focus on the early humans closest behavior to the chimps and the often ignored bonobos. For the bonobos, as well as the pre-agricultural humans, sex was more "casual": multimale-multiple female relationships were the constant. And sex for all, not just for the top 10-20% of the pack.

Today's view, as echoed and quoted by psychologist Donald Symons [The Evolution of Human Sexuality] is "among all peoples sexual intercourse is understood to be a service or favor that females render to males." Robert Wright: "High MPI (male parental investment) makes sexual selection work in two different directions at once. Not only have males evolved to compete for scarce female eggs; females have evolved to compete for scarce male investment." -The Moral Animal

Ryan and Jetha make the point of nonreproductive sex being the norm in humans like in our close cousins the bonobo. "Sex for pleasure with various partners is therefore more human than animal. Strictly reproductive, once-in-a-blue-moon sex is more 'animal' than human. In other words, an excessively horny monkey is acting 'human', while a man/woman uninterested in sex more than once or twice a year would be, strictly speaking, 'acting like an animal'." -Sex At Dawn

There was plenty of sexual opportunity for the pre-historic men and women. Everybody had their fill, and then five more for dessert.

Quote of the day: "We are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." -Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Minimizing jealousy and sexual possessiveness is described in various isolated primitive populations from around the globe. Why is it that men don't stress that nowadays? All those dating coaches prime men to be "ideal" matches for their dates. What about stressing non-possessiveness? Nobody talks about that.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Bonus essay for early buyers of the Book of the Underdog

Early buyers of the Book of the Underdog, those who bought it between August and October, are entitled to the Supplemental write-up here.

To make it more fun, I wanted to initially place the essay under a code, where the code is the correct answer to a riddle.

I realize some might not be able to answer it right, therefore I will unlock it, and present the answer to the riddle in 12 hours or less.


A soldier has been captured by the enemy. He is so brave that they offer to let him choose how he wants to be killed. They tell him, “If you tell a lie you will be shot, and if you tell the truth you will be hanged.” He can only make one statement. He makes a statement and goes free. What could he have said?

(a) “I will be hanged.”
(b) “I will be shot.”
(c) “I will not be shot or be hanged.”
(d) “I will be shot or be hanged.”
(e) “I am not a liar.”

What's the correct answer? So you have five choices, once answered, i.e. if it is (a), iwillbehanged, etc. the code to the pdf is: iwillbehanged, all small typeface, no spaces.

I know, the guy has no way out. It's life sometimes: you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. But you still have to guess the best answer.

Answer key coming up in 12 hours.

Once again, the 1000-word essay is available at this link (password free).

1. Solve the above riddle.
2. Enter your answer and access the essay. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

20 Harvard Admission Secrets and a Real Recipe

It's been a couple of weeks since the the start of the federal trial alleging racial bias against Asian-Americans filed by Edward Blum of the Project on Fair Representation. (The Justice Department backs the lawsuit against Harvard).

Is is hard to get into Harvard? It sure is considering just 4.7% of some 42,729 applicants made it to its 2018 freshman class.

Melissa Korn and Nicole Hong wrote a 13-point Knowing the 13 Secret Steps into Harvard Doesn’t Make Admission Any Easier article in Monday's Wall Street Journal. I will cite those points although I believe there's one that is a major consideration (scroll down to number 14). I will also add some "points" of my own to build up a more complete picture.

1. Since geographic diversity is relevant and admission folks divide the country into 20 dockets, if you're from an underrepresented docket (i.e. Idaho), it **could** increase your chances.

2. Going against point 1. above, New York City and Boston applicants had the highest admission rates in 2018. What happened? When did picking up potatoes in Idaho in adolescence became less interesting?

3. "Persuade a parent to be a chief or mechanic." What if your parent is a clown? Does that still work? What if you say your father is a DILF? (I ain't telling you what that means)

4. The reporters found those declaring "humanities" in intended concentration (as opposed to fin/eco or even STEM) might have been favored. You can have a history major from Harvard and you're still good for a 6-figure salary job in asset management after graduation.

5. Show them how much you love learning (book clubs, activities club, etc.)

6. Your recommendations letters should be "over the top". Does anybody know any math at all to understand that 105% doesn't exist? Over-the-top you fall off the cliff in my book.

7. "Tell a compelling story." Have you helped every little old lady prune her tree and then pick up the apples for her? You've also gone into their kitchen and made apple pie for them. You did that in Vietnam which you haven't visited since the Viet Cong were there (circa 1976). "When me and the Cong were shooting at each other..."

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Crypto Invest Summit 2018 blockchain conference

Last week I attended the Crowd Invest Summit in L.A., an event sponsored by Ownera, American Airlines, Abra, Blackmoon, Netki, CWE, GoWithMi, MasFintech, AltMarket, TokenIQ, Teknos Crypto & Blockchain Valuation Specialists, and others.

I went on a self-educating quest looking to learn more about the space. Steve Wozniak was there, Tim Draper was there, but more interesting The Pitbull of Wall Street was there. I did not attend the event held earlier in the year, Consensus 2018 which was sponsored by Coin Desk.

Here's the deal

If you want me to attend your Conference or Symposium, you must comp me as an attendee. If you want me as a speaker, that's another ballgame. You need to add the hotel bill to the comp. Also, depending on the length and nature of my appearance, you may need to pay me a speaker's fee. That all DEPENDS. Click on the following link to send me an email:   I will need a script and the opportunity to prepare for any public or private appearance. I craft my study diligently and meticulously.

Quote of the day: "Every game has rules. Some of the most important rules are implicit." -Jordan B. Peterson

Notes from the blockchain technology conference.

I see the benefits of decentralized trading, and previously have been approached about investing in the space. Will see. The main problem with blockchain is the lack of mass adoption.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Better than winning the lottery: be your own mental point of origin (MPO)

People have the lottery fever with a jackpot over $1 Bn and they're making inane discussions about "What it would be like to win it". They're the same fools, the same with or without the billion dollars.

There is no point in winning anything if the old self remains.

There is no what if.

"There is no beginning. There is no end. There is only becoming."- Selene, final lines: Underworld: Blood Wars, 2016

Women naturally are their own mental point of origin. Are you surprised to hear that?

Most people know the greatest majority of women are repulsed, and certainly not aroused, when watching porn. If you play porn to your girlfriend or wife she doesn't experience arousal and may even be offended. "Turn that off." Of course, someone might say that women have a lower libido than men do, and also women aren't as visual as men. Even accounting for those two factors, it is still not enough to explain away their scarcity of interest. Now, if some of those people on screen were, say, someone they knew, a neighbor, an acquaintance, well, that changes things, doesn't it? The woman would probably be "more into it." The scene or the movie suddenly is interesting, because the meaning is defined by what, if anything, relates to her. Women are their own Mental Point of Origin (MPO).

Ignore phenomena. Become your own fortress.

What's better than winning a billion dollars is being the winner "no matter what".

Here are some steps at clearing out the fog of conditioning. Anybody man take those, those with three dollars and those with more than a few dollars.

1. We can borrow from women's bags of tricks and ponies here. Coco Chanel said "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." She also said "I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all." It's not just women, monks and army recruits cut their hair too.

For men,shave your head. Metaphorically speaking, hair is a bargain with the past. It grows every day, every week. It's a time-keeping body device.

2. Coco Chanel was on a redpill trip or something so I'm going to quote her again: "There is nothing worse than solitude. Solitude can help a man realize himself; but it destroys a woman." There you have it. Take a vow of solitude, away from familiar faces and concerns.

Solitude is the beginning of the journey.

3. The vow of a simple, yet dignified, life

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hater-encyclopedia: all about haters

Haters are a common thread these days so we must develop our own "hater-science".

Haters are of two kinds, broadly:

I. Visible (known) and

II. Invisible (pilfering and rampaging behind the scenes)

Three things we must know about haters:

1. Haters were lovers before they became haters.

2. Haters are textbook narcissists. (if they weren't attaching that much self-importance, then why hate).

3. Haters are fragile.

The most used form of hater criticism is, of course, shame. Shaming, marking, belittling, ridiculing.

Quote of the day: "..they had eaten the fruit of knowledge. [Adam and Eve] were expelled because they had become minds, and they had lost their consciousness." -Osho

Take the case of a a transgender woman.

Who will be her biggest haters?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Meet your new masters: the "enlightened" Silicon Valley robber barons

There hasn't been that much enlightenment in Silicon Valley since Buddha drank his first cold brew coffee some 2500 years ago.

Lately it seems, Silicon Valley has embraced a sleuth of self-styled prophets who excel at self-development...and they're on track of seeding poor plebeian minds.

Let me be clear, I am not talking about Big Tech (so no FAANG). Silicon Valley or Silicon Beach are very broad terms. There are others who've built up obscene wealth in the startup ecosystem.

Somebody once said, quoting her father: "My father used to say that intellectual men are weak to the core and traitors. I agree with my father." -FD FYI, I took offense on that, since I consider myself an intellectual man. But...if you wanna play Buddha, perhaps you should at least consider the man's historical pledge of poverty...

I am no Buddha nor do I pretend to be one. I watch the circus and carousel in town from the sidelines and laugh at it. Chamath Palihapitya of Social Capital has called the SV-environment a "multi-varied kind of Ponzi scheme". (linked) Is a growth-at-all-cost model sustainable? Who knows? Chamath is not the self-styled prophet, he is one of the very few who exposes the model, he is the outcast. One of the very few who (as opposed to the prophets) makes sense.

Quote of the day:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Boss who led me by the nose; reaction time exercises

Reader Pat writes in an email:

"Dear Max,
I wanted to tell you of my work scenario. I am the Chief Architect, I maintain the enterprise architecture at my firm, which is a startup that has grown from only 4 people in 2016 to 35 this month. I provide security recommendations for our API and its systems. But it is my boss I wish to write about. For the past year Liz (I'll call her "Liz") has been promising me approval of the framework solutions me and my colleagues have been proposing and working on. After all year showing apparent support of my solutions, she's gotten offensive and reject it. As CTO, Liz holds a decisive vote. Why would she have been-overtly at least, supportive of the design I had, and mar it at the last minute? Our build up framework was sound, well-defined and successful. She now says that we failed.

It just doesn't make any sense. What can I do?"

Hi PatNote,

From what you're saying, you've gotten approval for the better part of a year and got rejected on the final vote. You have a legitimate question of why you were denied approval in the final form.

1. Your final output was lacking. Was there a major deficiency previously not spotted ?

2. You are the problem. You're not saying anything about your relationship with your boss. Is it a cordial, good relationship? Is it not?

3. She is the problem. If your boss is the problem, try to have her overruled.

4. Read the three scenarios in the Book of the Underdog where three people won against the odds. They might be relevant to you.

5. A boss is not supposed to throw their support upon something and suddenly retract it without a thoughtful reason. What is her case?

Quote of the day: "A slave that talks like a master always delights the master for a moment." -F.D.

Answer published in premium posts in an effort to reduce spammers to this site

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tales from the future

I know we have a few Games of Thrones fans on the site. I don't know if we have any science fiction fans, not counting myself and some odd fellow who calls himself Yoda.

I have been going through the science fiction novel Empire of Silence: Sun Eater: Book One by C. Ruocchio and I recommend it.

This is a tale of a young palatine [noble], Hadrian Marlowe, who runs away from home, from his father and his father's rule. Faith is not kind to the young noble who ends up far away from where he intended, in a backwater world, first destitute living in the streets and canals of a capital city, then fighting in the pits as myrmidon at the Colosseum. He gets captured and held captive for his fortuitous genes by the Ruler of that system, disavowed by his father. He kills the high priest of the land, the leader of the Chantry in a duel. Then he gets to fight the enemy race of the mankind, a race by the the name of the Cielcin.  Why? How? ...because he can speak their language.

Life gets rusty when you get hit left and right, front and back.

For you seldom land where you aim.

But you can still aim. All you can do is AIM.

"The man who hopes for the future delays its arrival, and the man who dreads it summons it to the door."
"The future might come only in its own time, but the scholiasts teach that there are many futures, and it is only the crashing of the waves of time and possibility against the interminable now that makes the world. It is not the future that is present in Ever-Fleeting Time but the futures. Freedom-freedom of thought and action- matter and are guaranteed because the future is not. There are no prophecies, only probabilities. No Fate, only chance. The present time is not when we are, but what we do." -Empire of Silence
Weaklings will not understand that. That's alright, we don't need them. Let them stay home safe and sound.